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Feeding The Hungry In Ethiopia

June 8 GGFR Launch – Feeding Body And Soul

Hungry Orphan in Ethiopia at launch of GGFR Follow Me on Pinterest Stan Cottrell:  “I am humbled being part of feeding over 6,000 starving people who are the faces of poverty unlike anything we in the USA can comprehend nor imagine exists… such poverty everywhere (40% of the population), hopelessness, where we seek to bring a ray of hope and real help….”

“I am seeing thousands of the most poverty-stricken people I have ever encountered… One man paralyzed from the waist down crawling on the ground with an old pair of flip flop shoes on his hands pulling himself on the ground… Most will never encounter starvation and poverty like I witnessed…”

“I thought of Jesus feeding the hungry…
the sick, lame, paralyzed….”

Official GGFR Launch Rally

June 8 Celebration Starts With 5K Race

Stan Cottrell speaks at GGFR launch Hawassa Ethiopia Follow Me on Pinterest

Stan Cottrell speaks from the heart to thousands in Awassa, Ethiopia at the Official GGFR Start

This jam packed day started with a 5K Race in Awassa, Ethiopia with over 1000 participants wearing run sponsor T-shirts saying The Great Global Friendship Run and Jerry Spencer Ministries. Below, you can see eager runners in readiness for the ribbon cutting to begin the race, and scenes from the celebration in the Soccer Stadium in the heart of town, attended by many thousands.

There are also many, many more vibrant images in the Facebook photo “album” – Ethiopia Launch – The Great Global Friendship Run discoverable through the Photos tab on The Great Global Friendship Run Facebook Page at (and please “like” the page).

“All of history has been waiting for this day…
the beginning of The Great Global Friendship Run!”

Long Distance Runner Joins Ethiopia Outreach

 Dr. Jerry Spencer Announces Stan Cottrell…

We are excited to announce that international long distance runner Stan Cottrell has agreed to join us in our multifaceted outreach project in Hawassa, Ethiopia, May 28th – June 16th, 2013.

Mr. Cottrell is launching his six year Great Global Friendship Run from Ethiopia. His cherished appearance in the southern region of Ethiopia is a fantastic boost to the efforts that we have put together to impact this region in a major way.

Mr. Cottrell has run all over the world. We are honored that he is launching this ambitious campaign from the site of our festival in Hawassa. The overriding purpose of this worldwide friendship run is to call attention to the plight of orphan children in the world. Stan is convinced that calling attention to these millions of children can successfully rally international interest in coming to their aid. Allow me to quote Stan,



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