Ultra distance runner Stan Cottrell’s global run into all countries, territories, colonies of the world as Good News Ambassador spreading “The Light of Hope” and raising funds for the world’s 143 million orphans

Stan Cottrell’s Ethiopia Run Excitement June 10-13

Stan Cottrell’s Runs And Media -Addis Ababa

Baboon Follow Me on Pinterest June 10 – Excitement In The Ethiopian Jungle

Today was a day of running in exotic places, with such rich vegetation and amazing animals that the film will delight the most demanding adventure traveler… But Stan’s  awesome Ethiopian journey into the mountains and jungles held its “natural” excitement for him, too… such as having to throw rocks at the hippos coming out of the water after him to drive them back!… Then there was the big baboon… protecting his 3 wives and numerous offspring… The baboon actually picked up a huge boulder and threw it down at Stan and Mickey! Good thing Stan can run … Nature is beautiful, but the natural can be scary!

June 11 – Monsoon Sends Stan Back To Addis

Ethiopia Run Reflections In Addis Ababa

Stan Cottrell Returns To Ethiopia’s Capital

Map of Ethiopia Follow Me on Pinterest June 9: Back in Addis Ababa

“We are back in the nation’s capital, back up to 8,500 feet from the 5,500 feet in Awassa. Jerry Spencer has been wonderful, and his wife, Shirley will be providing some photos for our Facebook photo albums.

We brought our driver/guide, Zacharia, to Addis to direct and follow us the next 8 days. Mickey and I have such a bond with this man. He is brilliant… saavy, and knows this world up here like the back of his hand as well… In every country, we need a guide who also serves as part of our security and supply wagon…

This has been perhaps my most amazing journey ever … but we expect even greater experiences here the next few days.”

“I am now back in Addis after returning from Awassa. The Great Global Friendship Run is unveiling itself in ways I never dreamed possible. The enthusiastic support of all levels in that region will be viewed by people all over the world. In my 35 years of running throughout the world…nothing like the Ethiopian experience has ever taken place before.” – Stan Cottrell

VIE Article Highlights GGFR Launch – Focus On Orphans

“Giving Back – Great Global Friendship Run To Benefit Orphans Worldwide”

Vie Magazine Article - GGFR Giving Back - Global Run for Orphans Follow Me on Pinterest

VIE - "Giving Back: Great Global Friendship Run To Benefit Orphans Worldwide"

FSA thanks VIE Magazine and journalist Jordan Staggs for running its impactful and informative article on Stan Cottrell’s historic launch of “The Great Global Friendship Run” (GGFR) in Ethiopia.  The VIE article coincided with Stan’s arrival May 31st in Hawassa / Awassa, the capital of Southern, in readiness for the next morning’s historic “running start” for this six-year odyssey to spread friendship and hope, and to raise funds for the world’s orphans and abandoned children.

Stan will be making runs throughout the Hawassa area starting June 1, leading up to GGFR launch ceremonies in the Hawassa / Awassa soccer stadium on Saturday, June 8 … then more runs through mountains and jungles, orphanages and villages, until returning to Addis Ababa for a run in the National Stadium on Saturday, June 15… with many intervening outreach events and runs focused on “Lighting The World With The Power Of Hope.”

As VIE poignantly tells the story…  



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