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Long Distance Runner Joins Ethiopia Outreach

 Dr. Jerry Spencer Announces Stan Cottrell…

We are excited to announce that international long distance runner Stan Cottrell has agreed to join us in our multifaceted outreach project in Hawassa, Ethiopia, May 28th – June 16th, 2013.

Mr. Cottrell is launching his six year Great Global Friendship Run from Ethiopia. His cherished appearance in the southern region of Ethiopia is a fantastic boost to the efforts that we have put together to impact this region in a major way.

Mr. Cottrell has run all over the world. We are honored that he is launching this ambitious campaign from the site of our festival in Hawassa. The overriding purpose of this worldwide friendship run is to call attention to the plight of orphan children in the world. Stan is convinced that calling attention to these millions of children can successfully rally international interest in coming to their aid. Allow me to quote Stan,

Former Guinness World Record Holder To Run 17,000 Miles

Announcing The Great Global Friendship Run

For Immediate Release

 Great Global Friendship Run Announcement LogoContact:
Stan Cottrell, Chairman
Friendship Sports Association Inc.
98 Top Mast Drive, Clayton, GA 30525

Atlanta, Georgia, February 1, 2013 – Friendship Sports Association charity announces that Stan Cottrell, one of the all-time-great names of ultra distance runners, will run 35 miles per day, for 2 consecutive days per week until he runs through all the world’s 250+ countries, territories and colonies.  He will spend one week in each country with festivities, seminars, sports events, cultural events, children’s events and work with orphans.

This adventure and epic odyssey of global friendships will begin in 2013.
Stan Cottrell is now 70 years old.

After running more than 200,000 miles thus far, Stan has learned first hand there is a rarely tapped reservoir of benign power for international diplomacy that has come from running through different countries.



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