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Friendship Runs, founded by Friendship Sports’ Chairman and World Ultra Distance Runner, Stan Cottrell, Jr., provide the most visible, unique and universal events Friendship Sports can use to achieve its multiple purposes of spreading friendship, hope and help around the world.

This is perhaps best expressed in the 8-minute video “Friendship Sports” displayed with “The Great Global Friendship Run Trailer” on the “Global Friendship Run Videos” page.

The impact of these runs and of Stan Cottrell’s other inspirational and motivational works endures for decades, reaching, encouraging, uniting and uplifting ever more people through Hollywood quality film productions, many with award-winning filmmaker, Mickey Grant. See Mickey Grant’s IMBD Resume here.

Stan Cottrell’s Film Impact Pre-2010

Stan’s films have been invited on two occasions to the Cannes Film Festival, where “China Run” was a finalist. Consistently winning 3-1/2 Star Ratings as it showed in movie theaters around the country, “China Run” also showed 16 times on HBO as well as on Showcase and CineMax. BBC London sold it into various countries. Experts estimated 50 million people worldwide saw this film, giving it an effective media value of $10 million.

Here are some of Stan’s films and appearances:

China Run Movie Flyer by film distributor Follow Me on Pinterest

Stan Cottrell's "China Run" Movie Flyer by the Film Distributor

  • “The Greatest Challenge in America”,1982, A.L. Williams Insurance Company.
  • “Challenging The Limits”, I.B.M. Corporate Motivational film.
  • Ben Gay Product commercial, Pfizer Corporation, 1980.
  • “China Run”- 1-1/2 hr. feature film made inside the People’s Republic of China, 1987, a “time capsule” of China just a few years after Mao’s death.
  • China Passage“, Inspirational film, 24 min., distributed by Word Publishers, 1988.
  • “Fire & Jade”, Motivational 13 min. film, Nightingale-Conant, Distributors.
  • “Olympian Dreams”, 25 min. Inspirational Video, Korea, 1988.
Vietnam 1988 - Mickey Grant films Stan Cottrell Follow Me on Pinterest

Mickey Grant films Stan Cottrell in "Destination DaNang"

  •  Cu Chi Tunnels“, Executive Producer, feature documentary filmed in Vietnam 1988
  • Destination DaNang“, non-fiction feature filmed in Vietnam from Hanoi to DaNang, 1988, before the normalization of relations with Viet Nam, when there was no diplomatic contact.
  • “The Wave of the Future”, AquaTec Corporate Film, 1988.
  • “Stream of Dreams”, Puridyne Corporate Film, 1989.
  • “Cambodia – The Tragedy”, filmed in Phnom Penh – Saigon, 1990.
  • “Great American Wellness Series”, filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, 2003.
  • “Bulgarian Rhaposody For Christ”, 2005 fall release
  • “Crimean Adventure”, Feature length film to be released soon
  • “Foxfire”, April, 2005, North Georgia Community Players, played “Dillard”


Stan Cottrell running with Kenya's elite marathon and 10K runners near Niarobi Follow Me on Pinterest

Coming Soon . . .

In final production 2013 – “Running Made Easy” run training DVD introducing Stan’s “EFED” method, the “Even Flow Of Energy Distribution,” so people of all skill levels, from beginner to pro, can learn Stan’s secret of how he is able to enjoy running smoothly, easily and with reduced risk of injury for decades!

“The running scenes were with some of Kenya’s elite marathon and 10K runners. We had the privilege of filming on the same plantation where ‘Out of Africa’ starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep took place. This photo was taken about 50 miles outside of Nairobi.  These runners were as amazed with me as I was with them. It was a great day!”
~ Stan Cottrell

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